During our careers we have often collaborated on projects, working alongside other architects and artists in conjunction with the usual make up of a design team and readily accept the added value that this process can bring. This approach towards collaboration is something that we continue to embrace.

In the past we have collaborated on major schemes with ECD Architects, Chetwoods and Make, and in addition sought advice from bodies such as the Martin Centre at Cambridge University concerning their research into external environmental comfort.

In each case the value of such collaboration can be measured by the richness of the outcome where the sharing of ideas can bring a real freshness to the proposal.

think architecture+design have recently had the pleasure of working with VA Arkitektar - considering proposals for a dance school, The Work Haus, on a proposal for a rural museum and Hole In The Wall Productions on a short film exploring music, dance and imagery. think architecture+design have recently formed a new joint venture, "ambientthink", with Ambient Arts Agency which aims to broaden and enrich the spectrum of services and skills offered to our clients.

Brief details of these various organisations are outlined in this section.